Simply Love

Love is simple.
It’s one of the most innate human behaviors following our survival instincts.
Loving is just offering your gifts and talents freely for the benefit of others.
Love is considering someone else and inventing in them for genuine reasons.
I honestly feel humans are pro social beings because we are here to love on each other, other animals and our home the earth. One would not exist without the other, we can be independent individuals but as a system we a codependent.
I understand the fear of : rejection, neglect, pain. But those are the things that make you grow! They teach us lessons that should help us love more not less. Once you realize life is going to happen, we all are going to suffer at some point, you start to accept that all you can do is be you. You can’t avoid pain, but you should allow fear to prevent you from healing and using you gifts to heal others.
Love yourself, so you can love everyone deserving of your love💓


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