How to Fight Compulsive-Eating

In fall 2013 I began to eat the 6 small meals a day (looking back some of my meals weren’t so small, lol) in the spring I added in drinking eater throughout the day as well. Not allowing myself to get that starving feeling for more than 5-20 minutes worked wonders. However, as soon as I crave food for more that 30 minutes my body and mind go hammm “Fuck it, I want fried chicken now!” That’s exactly what we want to avoid, don’t even allow your compulsive eating to turn up, prepare!
How to prepare:
0. Figure out your body & how eating works best for it. I need lots of food in the morning my first 2-3 meals don’t come soon enough! So I know I can’t BS during breakfast-snack1-lunch-time.
1. Plan out which times you can eat throughout the day. I suggest every 2-2.5 hours.
2. Meal prep, as many meals as you can for the week. I prep dinner, sometimes lunch, almost never breakfast. (Please eat a real breakfast, filled w/ energy boosters & nutrition, not left overs!)
3. Take your prepped meals with you! Take your snacks as well! Hide a few snacks in your car or purse for just in case. Stay strapped with some healthy food man, you never know when you’ll get hungry. That very hunger will lead you to the nearest fast food joint wasting money, a workout, & EVEN some time off your lifespan (google for the exact #)!
4. Drink water. Okay so I’m guessing a lot of us are stuck in our oral phase. We need to have things going on in our mouth (don’t think nasty). Drinking water really helps with that! Water also helps you feel fuller, faster, & longer that just eating alone.
5. This compulsive eating is some low-down-mental-voodoo we cast on ourselves. So the best preparation of all is knowing how to talk yourself off that binge eating ledge.
I hope that helps, I missed y’all ❤️ We gone beat this!


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