Heyyy Loves!

My Gosh! It’s been so long!
I hope all of you are doing well as you journey thru life. Its one beautiful challenge isn’t it?
I miss connecting with you so much! Although I have not blogged much over this past year, I frequented Instagram until recently deleting my account. I apologize to anyone that relied on me for support or inspiration via social media. Focusing and becoming my best self will allow me to help others that much more! I have so much development to do to achieve my dreams. Above any dream or the subconscious reason behind my dreams is my calling to help and love others. As I grow and dig deeper within myself, my ability to heal becomes greater and my vision becomes clearer.
I am not sure when I’ll be ready to step back into the light, nor how I will go about it. I’m on God’s time; please be patient my loves. In the meanwhile I want to plant a seed of hope in your hearts. When I began losing weight I was lonely, negative, unhealthy, and life seemed to happen to me. At the time I did not expect to reach my goals, they were just dreams. If you’ve found it in your mind to believe in me, it’s only right that you find it in your heart to believe in yourself!
I believe in you!
No more fear,
No more pain,
It’s time to heal
A Journey Full of Health

Hopelessness is something I have battled throughout my life.
By way of thinking, everything gets overwhelming,
Your preferred outcome feels impossible,
You may even lose sight of your light.

My love, those are the times you pray the hardest
I testify that we are not in this alone,
Thru your suffering there is a lesson to be learned,
Call on God,

Honestly, this summer God got me thru.
I will not say:
Everything always worked out the way I wanted
When I wanted it to
Nor how I preferred it to.
I will say,
Everything works out in the end
God determines the end; not us

So keep fighting
You never know how close you are to your break thru!I can sense we’re approaching my next break thru

Be LIGHT, I love you—-Bianca Jazmine


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